Yudisium Period July 2022 Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Lampung

Yudisium Period July 2022 Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Lampung

FEB Unila | Yudisium has become an annual routine work program in the form of releasing prospective graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) at the University of Lampung from the Doctoral, Masters, Bachelor and Diploma Programs.

The graduation activity for the VI 2021/2022 academic year was held on Thursday (14/07) at the 1st Floor Auditorium of the Student Center FEB Unila. A total of 93 graduates have graduated and 9 are the best graduates at the university level at the Doctoral, Masters, Undergraduate, and Diploma levels.

The judicial implementation is carried out face-to-face (offline) at FEB Unila. Students who attend are also accompanied by one of their parents/guardians. The Senate, leadership, teaching staff, and education staff of FEB Unila attended the judicial implementation.

Report of the Chair of the Committee by the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni, Muslim, S.E., M.Sc. delivered in detail about the best graduates of FEB Unila.

The implementation of the judiciary does not feel complete without the inspiration and motivation of the great people in it. Heri Andrian, S.E., M.M. The Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Economic Bachelors Association (ISEI) Lampung Province is one of the alumni who on this occasion attended as a speaker as well as a motivator.

The Management of the Alumni Family of the Faculty of Economics (KAFE) was also a speaker who on this occasion was attended directly by the Chair of the KAFE, Julian Manaf, S.E.

The best graduates of FEB Unila who have been declared academically graduated and have received academic degrees are expected to be part of FEB Unila alumni who can inspire, can play a role in providing input and real programs for the advancement of the campus alma mater (Dlv/Suri).