1. Improving the reputation and relevance of FEB Unila as an agent of change in regional and national economic development
  2. Produce graduates in the field of economics with good character and quality
  3. Improving the quality and competitiveness of human resources (HR) in lecturers, employees, students and alumni
  4. Encouraging education, research and community service activities community based quality management


Based on the mission that has been formulated, FEB Unila sets the following objectives:

1. a. Produce qualified and highly competitive graduates who are able to create jobs for themselves and others, and or who are quickly absorbed by the labor market;
b. Produce superior/new science and technology published in accredited journals at home and abroad, and obtain intellectual property rights for new science and technology;
c. Improving the knowledge and skills of the community in order to improve their welfare through quality and innovative community service activities and based on superior/new science and technology;
2. The realization of organizational management in terms of academic, financial, and human resources towards good governance;
3. The realization of accessibility for all levels of society to obtain higher education services at Unila;
4. The realization of cooperation with the central government, provinces, districts/cities, the business world, NGOs, and other stakeholders, both at home and abroad.

The formulation of the objectives of FEB Unila above is based on the Vision and Mission of FEB Unila and
the challenges of FEB Unila in the future by considering the resources and infrastructure that FEB Unila has
and will have.