Mission And Goals

Magister of Management (MM)’s Vision, Faculty of Economics and Business, Unila is:

To become the best ten Magister of Management Program that creates world class leaders with ethics and entrepreneurship in 2025


MM-FEB Unila’s Mission Statements are:

  • To nurture world class leaders with ethic and entrepreneurship in able to compete in a global environment
  • To discover and develop knowledge in the field of Business and Management
  • To deliver the high quality improvement in teaching and learning process
  • To conduct  community services especially in the field of business and management and build partnership networking with external stakeholders

Goals of Magister of Management

To achieve those MM missions, MM-FEB set up some goals that could successfully be achieved in the 2015, are as follows:

  1. Creates Students and Graduates with :
    • Graduate Commutative Index (GPA) ≥ 3,50 out of 4
    • The length of study in average of less and or 2 years ( ≤ 2 years)
    • English Proficiency Test (EPT) ≥ 500
    • The length of Job Promotion after graduation in the office is not more than one year, for the graduates students who have had jobs before.
    • The percentage of the improvement of business scale after graduated in one year in average is 20%.
    • The percentage of graduates who accepted to work in multinational company in average 20% a year
    • Zero tolerance of violation academic regulation
    • Zero tolerance of violation law and business ethics
    • Level of academic dicipline attitude (punctual manner)
    • Global business perspective by offering internship at multinational companies program and establishing new international class
    • Having softskill certification
  2. Produce research output:
    • At least one (1) topic of small business development in global competition era every
    • At least one (1) international joint research every year
    • The number of research publication, eight (8) papers in international journal, eight (8) papers in accredited national journal and four (4) papers in non-accredited national journal
    • Sources of research funding from internal program (MM-FEB Unila), at least IDR.250 million and collaborative research from other institutions ≤ IDR.250 jt;
  3. Produce community services output:
    • At least one (1) joint community service in small business development toward global competition with involvement of lectures and students each year
    • Sources of community services funding from internal program at least IDR 100 million and from collaborative services ≤ IDR.100 million;
    • At least two (2) activities of the community services in the certain area, targeted in the community village that needs the empowerment to be the welfare society.
  4. Establish networking with other institutions and or external stakeholders:
    • Student and staff exchange at least with one (1) international institution/overseas university yearly.;
    • Networking with other domestics Magister Management Program at least one (1) a year;
    • Building networking with other domestic and overseas institutions at least 2 institutions a year.
    • Number of guest lecturer delivering global and entrepreneurship topics at least 4 guest lecturers in a year
    • Number of international company visit at least 5 companies a year

Magister Management