Rector of the University of Lampung Inaugurated the Postgraduate Building of FEB Unila.

Rector of the University of Lampung Inaugurated the Postgraduate Building of FEB Unila.

FEB Unila | The Postgraduate building of FEB Unila was officially inaugurated by the Rector of the University of Lampung, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hasriadi Mat Akin, MP., On Monday (04/29). During the event, the Rector of the University of Lampung was accompanied by the Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business Unila, Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Sc., Danrem 043 Garuda Hitam Kolonel Infantri Taufik Hanafi, and also Vice Rector I, Prof. Dr. Bujang Rahman, M.Sc, and Vice Rector IV, Prof. Dr. Mahatma Kufepaksi, M.Sc., cutting the ribbon as a symbolic moment of the inauguration of the building that will be used for the postgraduate and the doctoral program at FEB Unila.

After the cutting of the ribbon, the Dean of FEB Unila Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Sc. invited Rector and all guests to visit the rooms on the 2nd floor of the postgraduate building of FEB Unila. The guests visited the professor discussion room that will be used for the professors to discuss anything and also will be used as the waiting room for the professor that will conduct the open doctoral session. The visit continued to the professor’s room, which is a private room of Professors in the FEB environment, equipped with complete facilities to motivate the increase of professors in FEB Unila. This is an effort to achieve the vision of FEB to become the 10th best Faculty of Economics and Business in Indonesia in 2025. The guests then were taken to the smart room, which is a multimedia-based lecture room for master and doctoral students in accordance with technological developments in the industrial revolution 4.0 era, the visit ended by entering the FEB auditorium as the opening ceremony took place.

In his welcome speech, the Dean of FEB Unila Prof. Satria Bangsawan said, the Postgraduate building was built in 2000 under the leadership of the Dean Dr. Fadel Djauhar and his staff, together with the Diploma program building. This building was built in a self-managed manner and could only be completed in one of three floors planned in 2001. “Then I asked permission to use the building even though at that time it was still not feasible when seen from the outside,” he said to the invited guests.

Until the following years, FEB received support from various parties including the Provincial Government, Banking, PT Bukit Asam and the FEB Alumni Family (KAFE) to complete the furniture and so on. In 2018, the building was rebuilt after being stopped for around 18 years. “With the approval of the Rector, it is rolled out through PNBP and can be completed. Even though the construction has not finished yet, this building has produced around 694 alumni who have been active everywhere, “he added.

Meanwhile, the Rector of Unila Prof.  Hasriadi Mat Akin in his speech, it is hoped that in the future FEB with all its facilities can be more advanced to bring the big name of Unila to the international world because FEB is the only Faculty with an internationally accredited study program. “Since 2016 we have begun transformation into Research University. Therefore, we also increase the research fund from the initial Rp1 billion to Rp25 billion this year, “he explained.

In this activity there were also representatives from the Lampung Provincial Government, the Chair of the Lampung Cafe, Unila KAFE Members, FEB elders, and Lecturers of FEB Unila and educational staff. In this event, scholarships from the Unila KAFE were also given to FEB students who performed as Unila Mawapres, 1st place winner of the national Newscasting Competition, and scholarships for Unila KAFE foster children. After attending the inauguration, the Dean of FEB Unila along with the Rector of the University of Lampung headed the Unila FEB Teaching Factory to open and review the Economics and Business Fair 2019 event which is a 2017 FEB students activity as an Entrepreneurship course filled with various product and food bazaars and enlivened by the band’s performance at FEB Unila. (Lidya/Jaya)