Life at FEB University of Lampung

The University of Lampung is home to nearly 5000 full-time students, 1000 postgraduate and professional in the collage. We create opportunities for FEB students to generate their exciting experience, providing the people, places and programs that support their growth, career, and success.

Living and Dining

Located in main campus of Unila, FEB supported by 7 buildings which has 40000m2 surface area on the other side FEB building area model integrates faculty, staff, lecturer, and students who live, learn, and laugh together. FEB Unila also integrates by privat dormitory and campus housing that can reach by foot. FEB Unila also provides with campus dining, like canteen, and food hall.

Campus Safety

Campus safety partners with police office area nearby university to make sure emergency response, criminal investigations, personal protection, and handles all training and education for campus security.

Diverse Perspective

Students come from all around Indonesia such us Sumatera, Java, Borneo and the last part of Papua and more than 26 countries as a full time student or part-time students. By uniting diverse students, lectures, and staffs FEB Unila has recognized as one of unique faculty in University of Lampung and brings it into valuable opportunities for understanding the different cultures and perspectives.

Groups and Activities

Field experience and activities which iinclude national and international travel are able to make student get practical experience and create their own network.

Career Preparation

Career preparation and development are one of the most important developmental processes in a student’s college experience. They will help you to identify your career skills and interests, make sound academic major choices career decision, implement effective internship and jjob searches, and navigate the job market, or garduate school following graduation.