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The International Office of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Lampung (IO FEB Unila) maintains treatment with foreign universities and expands international cooperation with international institutions. IO aims to provide information, simplify application procedures, and provide advice and assistance to international students and overseas lecturers. IO’s main activities include: Maintain and develop international cooperation with foreign partner universities and international institutions; Implement and Activate MoUs with universities or partner institutions abroad; Support various International Conferences and Activities held at FEB Unila such as:

  1. 2024 International Mobility Students
  2. 2024 International Activities based on timelines
  3. Academic Calendar Odd Semester 2023/2024 (July – Desember 2023)
    • Begining of the class 21 August 2023 / Monday
    • End of the class 08 December 2023 / Friday
    • Final exam 11 – 22 December 2023
  4. Student Mobility
  5. Visiting Scholars
  6. University Network Events/Meetings
  7. Joint Workshop with International Academic Institutions
  8. International Seminar
  9. Assist in admissions, permits, insurance, accommodation, for international students and overseas lecturers

Student Exchange Program

Student Exchange is a learning activity carried out by students outside their study program at the original university or at other universities in the country or abroad with a study load of 20 credits – 40 credits. In terms of the College/Study Program, the Student Exchange BKP can be seen from 2 (two) sides, namely the “Outbound” Student Exchange and the “Inbound” Student Exchange. Outbound student exchange is a learning activity carried out by UM students in similar/different study programs at UM’s partner universities (domestic or overseas). Meanwhile, Inbound student exchange is a student learning activity outside UM in study programs within UM. FEB Unila is currently implementing a student exchange program with several higher education institutions both at home and abroad, as well as to several industries in Indonesia.

Schedule of Even Odd and Course Description

Schedule of Even Sem and Course Description

Short Academics Program

Short course is a type of short course which usually lasts from 1 to 8 weeks. This can take the form of student exchanges, training in certain scientific studies, and cultural and educational introductions in host countries or universities around the world. FEB Unila conducts short course programs regularly every year with overseas partner universities in Japan, namely SIPEC AGU. This program is carried out for one week containing lectures, industrial visits, and cultural exchanges.

Visiting Scholar Program

The visiting scholar activity is a lecture activity by foreign (overseas) guest lecturers at the invitation of the organizer which is intended for students and lecturers of the faculty/department/study program organizer and can also invite students and lecturers from across faculties/departments/study programs. The purpose of this program is to improve the quality of lectures, add international insight for students and lecturers, and open opportunities for the organizing institution (faculty/department/study program), to build international cooperation in the fields of teaching, research, publications, and others. FEB Unila routinely runs a visiting scholar program in collaboration with lecturers from various countries such as Malaysia, Japan, and Russia.

International Class Program

Program kelas Internasional merupakan program kelas global yang dimiliki oleh Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Lampung. Kelas ini menggunakan bahasa inggris dalam proses belajar mengajarnya. Perbedaan dari kelas reguler yaitu terdapat kewajiban mengikuti muatan global berupa pertukaran pelajar dengan universitas mitra yang berada di luar negeri (Jepang, Malaysia, Inggris, Amerika Serikat dan Eropa).

Program kelas Internasional diselenggarakan pada 3 jurusan yaitu Jurusan Manajemen, Jurusan Akuntansi dan Jurusan Ekonomi Pembangunan. Program kelas internasional mempunyai struktur kurikulum dan pembiayaan yang sama dengan program S1 Reguler. Untuk dapat mengikuti kelas Internasional mahasiswa akan diseleksi melalui seleksi administratif, tes menulis esai, serta seleksi wawancara.

International Networks

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