Faculty of Economics, with the Faculty of Law, was established in 1960. Both faculty became faculty within Sriwijaya University of Lampung Branch that led by coordinator with The Chairman Zainal Abidin Pagar Alam, who was Mayor of Tanjungkarang Town of Telukbetung. The Secretary of the Coordinator is Nadirsyah Zaini, M.A., as the Head of the Secretariat of the Partama is Hilman Hadikusuma and the interim official (PJS) The Deputy Head of the Secretariat is Alhusniduki Hamim.

In early 1961, Faculty of Economics Unsri Lampung Branch led by Drs. Moersalin as Head of Faculty and Nadirsyah Zaini, M.A. as secretary. In 1962, the Chairman of the Faculty was still held by Drs. Moersalin with Pj. The secretary was Drs. Paul Sitohang. In that year also opened the department of General Economics and Economics Company chaired Nadirsyah Zaini, M.A. and Drs. Moersalin. Subsequently in 1963 held another change of leadership due to the entry of Drs. Subki E. Harun an economics graduate of Gajah Mada University as a permanent lecturer, while Drs. Moersalin at that time was an extraordinary lecturer who was also the head of Bank of Sriwijaya Raya Branch of Teluk Betung.

At that time the Head of Faculty was Drs. Paul Sitohang and Secretary was Drs. Subki E. Harun Dated September 23, 1965 with the Decree of Minister of Higher Education and Science Number 195 stood Lampung University consisting of Faculty of Economics with Faculty of Law, and legalized by Decree of President RI No.73, dated April 6, 1966.

Based on the Decree of Unila Rector No.03 / UN26 / DT / 2011, December 30, 2011 the name of Faculty of Economy was renamed Faculty of Business Economics of Lampung University (FEB Unila), this decision was ratified in Mendikbud Regulation No. 072 of 2014 on Organization and Work Procedure University of Lampung.

FEB Unila as the oldest faculty currently has 3 majors that all of its majors are accredited A from National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN PT) and the first faculty in University of Lampung get ISO 9001-2008 certification from UKAS, that is Department of Economic Development, and Accounting Department.

Then in the year 2000 formed Post Graduate Program Master of Management which is the only S2 program outside Java accredited A from the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN PT). and obtained ISO 9001-2008 certification from UKAS. In 2012 the formation of Master of Science programs in Accounting and Master of Economics programs accredited B,

In addition to S1 and S2 programs, FEB Unila also has 1 (one) Professional Accounting Program and 4 (four) Vocational programs, namely D3 Accounting, D3 Taxation, D3 Finance Banking and D3 Marketing, D3.

Through the Letter of the Directorate General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture No. 76 / E.E2 / DT / 2014, dated January 28, 2014, granted the Mandate to the University of Lampung to conduct the Economic Studies Program Doctorate Level (S3)Currently the Faculty of Economics and Business since August 2013 has been a member of Abest 21, an International Accreditation Board for Business School, based in Tokyo and is in the process of Accreditation as a first step, this effort has been made by opening the International Bilingual Class Program and forming the Soft Skill Development Center.

The International Program is conducted in collaboration with Daikin University Australia in the form of one plus one cooperation, abroad study, as well as student and staffexchange. Throughout the history of the journey FEB Unila certainly can not be separated from the role of faculty leaders who originally called Chairman and after standing as a faculty called the Dean.The names of Chairman and Dean of the Faculty of Economics Unila since 1961 until now.