As the beholder of little the best faculty in the university of lampung, faculty of economics and business The University of lampung  (FEB Unila) sets its vision to build the image as 10 best faculty of Economics in Indonesia at 2025. With its positioning strategy as smart and green faculty, FEB Unila has been accredited by BAN-PT, the first faculty in The University of Lampung that has been certified by UKAS  _ ISO 9001:2008, QS Star Rated for Excellence in year 2011 and 2013, accredited by AACSB, and the only faculty outside java island that is hold membership of ABEST21 located in japan , currently , FEB Unila has three departments for bachelor degree; Management, Economics and Development , Accounting with all accredited A, Magister Management (the only graduate program at The University of Lampung with accredited A), Diploma Marketing, Taxation , and Finance a Banking  (accredited with B), and the newborn is doctoral degree program in 2014.

The accreditation achievement and ISO standardization is much influenced by the application of quality culture FEB Unila:

  • Relable, professional, Enthusiatic, Responsible, Creative, Discpline, Caring, and implementing 3S (Smile, Say Hello, and Send Greeting )
  • Service Excellence
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • Trademark of Global

FEB Unila was awarded as the cleanest and the most comfortable campus from Green Metric The University of Lampung in 2014, and in national TV publication ‘7cleanest and the most convenience campus’ in popular program ‘On The Spot’ in channel Trans 7, also eligible to have CPA Test Centre as the first faculty in Sumatra that accepting the students from “Star BPKP” scholarship.

More, FEB Unila strengthens its quality by empowered its excellent human resources in evry line such as lecturer team and professionals, librarian, labolatories staffs, technicians and engineers, analystsoperation programmers, faculty administration staffs, department administration staffs, building officers, electricians, security staffs, and contractual staffs.  To enhance the quality of its human resources, two ways of training ar given to all staffs externally and internally such as economics farum, international seminar and conference, BSBI seminar, short courses, outbond, eanglish course and workshop for employees. To keep te motivation of the employees, FEB Unila has a fund-support scheme for the lecturers and employees that is upgrading their education level to undergraduate or master degree, and also give award for the winner regular competiton for’best lecturer and employee’

Beside employee maintenances efforts, FEB unila also has a fund-support scheme for the lecturer that is enhancing their education level to doctoral degree. Currently 66.96% (75 person) active lectures in FEB unila are Master degree and doctoral degree 14,29% (16 person). It can be resumed that lecturer team at FEB Unila more than 80% are high qualified. Ratio rate lecturer – student in FEB Unila is 1:23 closer to ideal ratio rate lecturer – student 1:20. Beside fund-support scheme for education,FEB Unila also sets the same financial schem to support the lecturers to joint international seminar and conferences. Processing the completion of national certified lecturer for all its lecturers, put the lecturers in scheme of overseas sandwich program, includes its lecturers in the program academic recharging (PAR), overseas short team training for qualified program international jaoint research, and visiting professor. For students FEB Unila fully supports its student activities to enchance the qualityof FEB Unila students. The students of FEB Unila have good tracked records to gain national and international level achievements in the field of academics, journalism, scientific paper, entrepreneurship completition, and student axchange programmers to overseas that is represented by AIESEC members and economics eanglish clubs member.

The achievement of FEB Unila to manage its faculty performance succeeds to deliver FEB Unila as faculty with the best performance released by Quality Assurance Institution The University of Lampung for three times in a year 2012, 2013, and 2014, alongside the achievement of the best employee and best student of FEB Unila in university and national level at the same grant year.

Alumni of FEB Unila have been recognized for their qualities, proven from tracer study that have been secruited by reputable users in government institutions, multinational  company (MNC), state-owned companies , banking industry, telecommunication industry, oil and gas companies, and entrepreneurs. This pride achievement is supported by FEB Unila through providing soft skill development centre (Capital Market laboratory and Entrepreneurship laboratory), Mini Bank laboratory, student activity centre such as Executive Student Board, Departement Student Association , Economics English Club (EEC), and AIESEC. To accommodate the alumnae and graduated students to maintain the communication , networking, and partnership with FEB Unila everywhere, FEB Unila provides two organizations known as KAFE (Keluarga Alumni Falkultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Unila / The Alumni Association of Feb Unila) and ISEI (Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia / The Association of Economics Graduated Indonesia ).

Recently, FEB Unila is strengthened by sufficient and good quality of its facilities. The mention is 7 buildings for lecturing and class, seminar auditorium, court room, offices, department library, lecturer’s rooms, administration, computer laboratory, student centre , Mosque , parking space, and multifunction yard. Every classroom in FEB Unila is equipped with AC,CCTV,LCD Projector, computer, wireless speaker, Wi-Fi, green spot, garden and gazebo as convenience place for students to make discussion forum. To support excellent service, FEB Unila also furnishes its service counters with sufficient personal computers for staffs with good looking lobby and waiting room.

FEB Unila also develops its personal website and renewals the system of information and communication technology with main website that contains of latest information, news updates, study programmes, journals, online library, and databases for student and lecturers, integrated with main The University of Lampung server.