Students in the Library of FEB Unila

Exploring more than 10.000 collections in the Library


Flexible access facility for student who can explore more than  10.000 books collection in FEB Smart Library.





Entrepreneurship Centre

A business incubator for students who have passion and interest in entrepreneurship to develop their business skills and also as the centre of modern canteen in FEB campus.

IT Services

Computer access standby in student center and computer laboratory in every building as the open access computer labs with 24 hours Wi-Fi to enjoy internet access surfing and online needs.

FEB Center Field

FEB Center Field

Sport Center

The University of Lampung Sports Centre is open for students, staff, alumnae, and the wider community who especially designed for student as one of favorite facilities. This facility also as the base camp for local sport club in Lampung province which has international standard swimming pool, outdoor, indoor material art room, basketball, football, volleyball, netball, and badminton. Workout together and meet other students to achieve more through sport and positive action!


Student Service


student center of FEB Unila

The are some student club and union in the  3rd floor of Student Center Building 

Student center

The Student Center was build to provide space for students to study, socialize, and engage in student life and for department offices. The Student Centre offers a wide variety of formal and informal study spaces:

  • First floor we have big hall as supported place to held some event.
  • Second floor we have FEB study corner and library that offer study spaces, computing facilities, lockers, electrical plugs and toilet.
  • Third floor we offeer spaces for student clubs and union as a base camp.




Student Lounge

FEB Unila has several student lounges that connsist of IT corner, discussion room, english park and lounng space area to support student for developing their soft skills and any kind of positive abilities that adapt with rapid environment change in this centuries.

Food Connection

Food connection that provide in FEB Unila also known as canteen is not only place to eat Canteen also build as place to learn, 50 percent canteens and cafetarias are run by student collage who want to develop their business skill.

Language Center

The main goal of language center is carrying out the development of learning, skills improvement, and language tests. The language Center regularly offers more than five languages, such us English, French, Germany, Japanese, Arabic, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Prospective Career Services

Our Centre of Career and Entrepreneurship Development (CCED) will assist student’s career preferences, and offer practical professional advice based on future career perspectives with online careers portal and also networking opportunies with local, multinational and international company partners.

  • Online careers portal with vacancy advertisement for work available while you study and after graduation.
  • Networking opportunities with employers, from top multinationals to local businesses.