There are three concentrations that students can choose from, namely:

  • Monetary Economics

Aims providing advanced training to graduates wishing to improve their knowledge and skills in the maintain a high rate of economic growth, and to stabilize prices and wages.

  • Public Economics

It gives the students in depth academic understanding of micro- and macroeconomic perspectives on policies at an advanced level.

  • Planning Economics

The program will equip the students with the tools of advanced economic analysis, and the skill to apply them to economic policies for trade, finance, development and the environment.

Education Level

  • Bachelor Program

Designed to produce graduates with has the ability and expertise of economic analysis, both macro and micro, to meet analytical and research needs in government institutions, research institutes, banking and capital markets, private sector, industry and non-governmental organizations.

  • Master Program

Designed for students or professionals who wish to improve their knowledge of economic theory and its applications, provides a technical and analytical approach to study of economics while offering students enough flexibility to their chosen field in the department in order to tailor their programs of study to their professional goals.

  • Doctoral Program

Designed for professional that able to solve the economic problem with current economic theory and empirical methods which integrated by developing research activities through multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches to produce and testes research that received national/ international recognition.