Education level

  • Diploma program
  1. Finance and Banking

Study Program that prepare and produce financial and banking undergraduate (diploma) experts, who have ethics and professional integrity, ready to work and have a career in finance and banking.

  1. Marketing

This program provides the learning system, teaching and courses needed to create professional and integrity marketer.

  • Bachelor Program

Designed to create graduates with capabilities and expertise in business, finance, marketing, and human resources. In order to occupy a career ladder in the field of management, both private and other sectors.

  • Master Program

The Master of Management is designed to provide those who have already completed the bachelor degree. MM FEB Unila develop an in-depth knowledge of state of the art technique in management and business world.

  • Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program in Management is part of Doctoral Program in Economics which has started from 2015, student able to choose on out of four concentrations in the field of management as follow:

  1. Business Management

Designed to teach students the skills necessary to perform leadership roles in the business and corporate world. This program gives the student skill, knowledge, and confidence to lead and manage business team.

  1. Marketing Management

As a marketing major, the students will balance practical experience with the latest theoretical concepts.

  1. Financial Management

The program provides both practical and theoretical training in financial decision-making and the creation of managing financial resources.

  1. Human Resources Management

Program is designed to provide students an understanding of the key policies, procedures and practices of Human Resource. Students will develop their skills and knowledge to manage people, in order to achieve positive outcomes. They will understand recruitment, staff performance appraisal, training and development and staff retention.