Education Level

Diploma Program

  1. accounting

Accounting Diploma III Program was accredited B. Established on May 4, 2000.

  1. taxation

Taxation Diploma III Program was accredited B. Established on May, 2000.

Bachelor program

Bachelor of accounting program feb unila was accredited A. Established on january, 1994. The course is designed to prepare individuals in the core areas of finanacial accounting, management accounting, finance, tax, and auditing, in addition to economics and commercial law.

Master program

Accredited by AVEST21 and ISO master accountancy of FEB unila designed to prepare students for a career in professional accounntancy. Students will achieve an Area of Amphasis such as Audit, Taxation, and Financial Reporting. It is divided by two programs, offered accounting for education and accounting for professional.

Doctoral program

Doctoral programin Accounting is part od doctoral programin Economics which has started from 2015.

Professional program

Feb unila offers 1 year professional accounting program fro graduates with a recognized bachelor’s qualificatuon in any field the opportunity to develop knowledge, understanding and expertise in the field of professional accountancy.

CPA test center

Accounting pprogram offer test centre for CPA exam official test, to qualify those who want to become certified public accountants. Upon passing this exam, you are able to practice as licensed public accountant in indonesia.

Tax center

Tax center build up in order to strengthen the theoritical and empirical understanding of text operations, text research, promotion and policies.