Indonesia’s development towards a superior nation and state by 2030 must have strong support and real contribution in the development of human resources from various elements of the nation and state. The democratization and autonomization of the administration that has been going on since the reform era has not had a positive impact on the improvement of people’s welfare. The core problem of sluggish development progress generally lies in the low quality of leadership and quality of human resources. Indeed leadership development and human resources are pursued through the development of primary, secondary, and high education. Therefore it is necessary to formulate leadership development strategy and human resources through higher education with various development of university superiority comprehensively.

Faculty of Economics and Business University of Lampung (FEB Unila) has a strong commitment to dedicate itself in order to improve the competitiveness of human resources quality through the development of knowledge-based society especially in the field of economy and business. The form of commitment is realized in various strategic and systematic efforts to develop into a reliable faculty and excel nationally, regionally and internationally.

Taking the growing challenges and opportunities and their existing strengths and weaknesses, according to Unila’s vision of becoming one of the top ten universities in Indonesia by 2025, the Faculty of Economics and Business of Unila through its Strategic Plan (Renstra) continues to achieve its Visions.

If in 2011-2015 the focus of activities on improving excellent service then entering the period 2016-2020 the focus of the Faculty of Economics and Business Unila is is towards increasing the National and International Competitiveness.


Prof. Dr. Nairobi, S.E., M.Si.