University of Lampung New Student Admission (PMB) was previously managed by an ad-hoc committee based on a Chancellor’s Decree. However, starting on March 30 2017 Unila has had a New Student Admission Management Body (BP PMB) which was formed based on Chancellor’s Decree No. 472/UN.26/KL/2017. The main task of BPPMB is to plan and carry out the selection process to produce superior and qualified prospective new students at the University of Lampung (Unila).

BP PMB is led by a Chair who is assisted by a Deputy Chair and Secretary as well as administrative staff. In carrying out its duties, BP PMB together with academic implementers at the faculty/study program level prepares plans and targets for new student admissions every year, carries out promotion and outreach programs to stakeholders including SMA and SMK MKKS, MA MKKM, Principals and PDSS Operators, Parents/Guardians students and students of class XII. Forms of socialization are carried out either through banners, print media, electronic media, social media and face-to-face meetings. BP PMB carries out a series of selection processes based on the principles of fairness, transparency, flexibility, efficiency and accountability. Thus it is expected that prospective students who are accepted into each study program at Unila are superior and quality prospective students.

New Student Admissions Selection Path

Degree program;

  • SMMPTN-Barat (Self-Selection to Enter Western Region State Universities)
    Further information about the Independent Selection can be seen via
  • International Class Program Selection (IO FEB Unila) The International Class Program Selection is a new student admission selection pattern for students and graduates of SMA/SMK/MA/MAK/A-Level/Pre-University who wish to study in the International Program at Unila. Selection for the International Class Program is carried out separately from the national selection (SNBP/SNBT) and independent selection (SMMPTN-West). Further information about the International Class Program Selection can be seen via


Diploma Program;


Doctoral and Masters Programs;

  • Regular
    Regular student admissions are student admissions which are carried out through entrance tests in the form of written tests and interview tests. Further information can be seen via
  • Cooperation Path
    The path of cooperation is carried out through a process of cooperation with government or private institutions/institutions and can be in the form of cooperation classes. Acceptance through this route is still through a written test and/or interview. Further information can be seen via
  • Achievement Path
    The achievement path is that which is carried out for prospective students with outstanding achievements without an entrance test as in the regular or collaborative pathways. Further information can be seen via