Yudisium FEB Unila, Perum Bulog Gives Scholarship

Yudisium FEB Unila, Perum Bulog Gives Scholarship

FEB Unila | Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of Lampung University once again holds a graduation candidate’s yudisium. The event which was held in Student Center FEB Building is the 3rd period in 2018. The graduates who are accompanied by one parent or family look solemn and happy to follow each series of events.

Head of Regional Division (Kadivreg) Bulog of Lampung Province, Muhammad Attar Rizal, S.E., M.M. is presented to give a speech. Kadivreg provides debriefing for FEB Unila alumni with topic material “Expectations of SOEs Against Fresh Graduate”

FEB Unila alumni of class of 1987 said the world of work requires more soft skills because it is always covered by challenges and changes that require adaptability and interaction. Hard skills will be the foundation of getting a job. If it is working, then Soft skill is a lot of role and become the foundation to develop the work.

To improve the ability of Soft Skill, Attar added, students need to hone interpersonal skills such as organizing, community, time management, stress management, and self control. Former Kadivreg Perum Bulog Papua and West Papua also revealed, from 4,693 employees of Bulog Selindo today, there are 34 Unila graduates. Therefore, he hopes that more Unila graduates, especially from FEB, can join with Bulog.

Last week, Bulog also worked with FEB to provide scholarships to students for its 51st anniversary. A total of 16 undergraduate students and 4 selected Diploma students are entitled to receive 1.5 million rupiah.

Meanwhile Dean Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E. M.Sc. convey the hope that FEB Unila alumni can implement their knowledge in the community. They can become entrepreneurs who open jobs and empower their competencies.

The dean who opened the event also stated that FEB graduates are prepared with good science and character. In the community, as agents of change, alumni are encouraged to devote themselves to regional development.

Yudisium this time graduated 141 candidates of graduates from three departments in FEB, namely Development Economics, Management, and Accounting. From the graduate level the program graduates seven people, while S1 graduates 68 people, and diploma graduates 66 people. The best graduates are entitled to be held by S1 students, Intan Crusita Putri (Accounting ’14) with a GPA of 3.95 and graduated with Cum Laude (3 years 67 days). (Dedi/Ning)