UKPM-F PILAR Held a Digital Information Workshop

UKPM-F PILAR Held a Digital Information Workshop

FEB Unila | UKPM-F PILAR FEB Unila in cooperation with Indonesian Technology (ITech) and PT Halo Arif Gemilang held a Digital Information Workshop which took place at A101 FEB Unila Building, Sunday (15/4).

The event entitled “Success Strategy to Achieve Advantage in the Digital Age” presents 6 speakers and followed by 60 participants.

The speakers at the event are ITech Leader, President Director of PT Halo Arif Gemilang, Oprasional Assistantku Manager, Lampost Leader, and one of Blogger Lampung.

Lessy andriyanti, General Manager of PILAR, said the event is aimed at making young people in this digital age are able to take advantage of technological advances.

“Young Generation should be able to take advantage of technological advances, especially now all young people can start a business by relying on the internet because the market reaches more widespread, imagine if the range of the offline store is just around the city” he explained.

He also added that Indonesia Technology also provides Education Scholarship for 20 eligible participants.

“There is an ITech education scholarship majoring in Digital Marketing for 20 people. Later each participant who graduated will get a scholarship of 10 million rupiah but not in the form of money, but in the form of scholarships for 6 months of education in ITech “he added. (Lessy/Ning)