The Simple yet Touching Activity of the Accounting Students Board

The Simple yet Touching Activity of the Accounting Students Board

FEB Unila| Students have several roles which one of them is social role that the existence and all of the actions are not only beneficials for the students themselves but also can be beneficial for the environment and the surroundings.

As being conducted by the students from the Accounting Department of FEB Unila, while implementing the new program of HIMAKTA which is called as HYPE (Himakta Youth Project Ecstaticness) with the theme “The Empowerment of the Society to Develop the Potential of the Village based on the Creative Economy in Togetherness and Solidarity”. The event took place in Bogorejo Village, Gedong Tataan, Pesawaran on 20-22 April, 2018.

The activity was done as a form of services from the students of the accounting department for the community. The event is done by conducting several activities such as: the training of financial management for BUMDES apparatus (village-owned enterprises), then training the development of village MSME products, giving lessons to the children in the village, the delivery of fruits seeds for the people in the village, health checking and free health treatment in collaboration with KSK (Community of Conscious Health) and then ended by the distribution of nine basic ingredients for the community.

The event was attended by ninety students from the accounting department and also attended by the Governor of the Students Board of FEB Unila, Mauldan Agusta Rifanda.

The Chairman of Himakta, Finur Rumsya said that the activity was very useful for the students in order to raise the awareness in doing the real action of the college tridharma about the community service.

“This is a very useful activity for the students because with this activity, it can improve the social awareness and the students social life for the community so that when the students are graduated they will be graduated as the agent of change and can play the active role for the wealth of the society, also the students could be the support of the future nation and the students must know the condition of the society. Certainly, this kind of activity should be supported by all academic communities as well as the external parties”, he said.

He also added that this activity will be running continuously and sustainably in the future.

“This activity does not stop or being limited to this day only, but after the implementation of the activity done today, there will be a special team from Himakta who will come to the village in every three weeks to continue the empowerment of special villagers in financial management for BUMDES apparatus and business groups in the village”, he said. (Lessi/Lidya).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]