Wednesday afternoon (18/07), the participants of Summer Project 2018 began to visit the Faculty of Economics and Bisinis University of Lampung. One by one the students who come from abroad began entering the room in the building D101 FEB Unila to continue this series of Summer Project 2018 activities.

The committee began to prepare all the things needed for this event. The media crews also cover the event of press conference of the committee.

About 2 pm, the event was started. Present in this activity Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Bujang Rahman, M.Si. , Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Si., media partners, sponsors and other guests.

In his speech, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Bujang said welcome to participants at the University of Lampung, “welcome to university of Lampung, enjoy Lampung province and get best benefit and result from this activity”, he said.

Then the second speech of the Dean FEB Unila, Prof. Satria conveyed, “This activity is very good, every year the participants are always increasing and involving many countries from all continents. The hope for this activity can foster the interest of the participants in order to continue their study in unila especially in FEB “, Prof. Satria also introduced the customs in FEB Unila to the participants i.e 3S (Smile, Shake hands and Greeting). (Ning/Yandi)