Strengthening the Entrepreneurship, SMAN 2 Bandar Lampung gave a visit to FEB UNILA

Strengthening the Entrepreneurship, SMAN 2 Bandar Lampung gave a visit to FEB UNILA

FEB Unila | On Friday morning (12/10), the Faculty of Economics and Business, the University of Lampung had a visit from the board of teachers and some students from SMAN 2 Bandar Lampung. The visit was an effort for SMAN 2 Bandar Lampung in order to strengthen the entrepreneurship program as the referral school in 2018. The arrival of the visitors was directly welcomed by the Dean of FEB Unila Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Si. at Teaching Factory of FEB UNILA.

“I sincerely welcome all of you at FEB Unila, and because the purpose of this visit is to strengthen the entrepreneurship program, it is intentionally to visit all of you at Teaching Factory which is used to become the means of learning entrepreneurship for the college students at FEB Unila and also for the students from SMAN 2, you could see it directly about the business incubator here” welcome the Dean. Moreover, Prof Satria delivered his hope that after the visit, the students would gain new knowledge about entrepreneurship and could be a successful entrepreneur in the future.

During the event, there was a talkshow about entrepreneurship by presenting keynote speakers namely Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Si. as the Dean of FEB Unila and Dr. Nurdiono, S.E., M.M. Akt. CPA. CSRS. as business practitioner and the commissioner of TEGAR TV, and the owner of Panca Bhakti School. The Talkshow discussed about the entrepreneurship world, the strategy in handling a good business, and things that need to be concerned while starting a new business. Dr. Nurdiono emphasized that if someone had gone into the entrepreneurship world, things that need to be concerned were chance and the courage to be unique. “We have to be brave to be looked differently while starting a new business while we should also see what kind of business that has a chance to be well-developed in the future and in business we don’t have to be afraid in facing some competitions but seeing it as the process and not as a competition”, said Dr. Nurdiono. Talkshow then continued by question and answer session from some teachers and students of SMAN 2 Bandar Lampung.

At the end of the talkshow, Ibu Rita Apriliawati, S.Pd. as the representative of the headmaster of SMAN 2 Bandar Lampung delivered her gratitude toward the welcome from FEB Unila upon the Visit from SMAN 2 Bandar Lampung. She admitted that they were happy to be accepted in visiting Teaching Factory at FEB Unila. “We are very impressed by the presence of Teaching Factory at FEB Unila because it can be the place to practice the entrepreneurship and we do hope that in SMAN 2 Banar Lampung in the future could build the similar teaching factory”, said Ibu Rita.

There were also the Vice Dean of the Academic and Cooperation, Dr. Hj. Mahrinasari MS, S.E., M.Sc., the Vice Dean of Financial and General Affairs, Dr. Fajar Gustiawaty Dewi, S.E., M.Si. Akt., and the Vice Dean of the Students and the Alumni, Dr. Ambya, S.E., M.Si. accompanying the Dean of FEB Unila during the event. After the talkshow, the visitors from SMAN 2 Bandarlampung were asked to visit the FEB Lounge at the Entrepreneur Development Centre (EDC) Building and to visit the Business Learning Center (BLC) building. (Lidia/Jaya)