“Silaturahmi” : A Way to Achieve Group Intelligence

“Silaturahmi” : A Way to Achieve Group Intelligence

FEB UnilaEid al-Fitr should be interpreted as an opportunity to tighten the bonds of silaturahmi. The existence of communication that is established through the relationship can unite individual intelligence into constructive group intelligence.

Positive attitude was expressed by the rector Unila, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hasriadi Mat Akin, M.P., who gave a speech at the Halal Bil Halal FEB Unila on Friday (22/6). At the event which took place at the Student Center Building, the Rector welcomed the efforts of FEB to establish a relationship between employees who are still active and retired.

Prof. Hasriadi revealed, group intelligence through the relationship is very important in realizing the vision of Unila. “To reach the Top 10 Best Universities in Indonesia in 2020 is not a playful thing, it takes seriousness and extraordinary hard work together” explained The leader of Unila .

The Rector also appreciated the progress of FEB Unila which brought about success at national and international level. FEB also serves as a reference for the implementation of facilitation and management standards at Unila through continuous ISO certification.

Previously, the Dean of FEB Unila Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Si, in his speech invites all elements of FEB to be more eager to improve performance and achieve “FEB Jaya”. On the occasion of the fitri, he also apologized for the oversight that may occur in the activity.

Halal Bi Halal which was officially held for the first time was attended by lecturers and employees of FEB Unila. Also present are senior lecturers, lecturers and retired employees FEB Unila. Among them are Prof. Sahala Panjaitan (Dean of FEB, 1980-1996), Dr. M. Fadel Djauhar (Dean of FEB, 1996-2004), Afri Ahmad. S.E., Iban Soyan, S.E., Rachmad, S.E., Mustafid, S.E., and Yurni Atmaja, S.E.

Mustafid, who represents the lecturers of Purnabakti, expressed his pride and his sense of the development of FEB Unila at this time. The friendly lecturer tells how he witnessed FEB Unila’s struggle from “zero point” to progress as it is now. Therefore he invites all elements of FEB To be grateful for the effort so far, and to increase the spirit to achieve better performance.

The event also filled “Tausiah” by Ustad Edison, S. Ag, M. Ag, who conveyed the importance of emphasizing the importance of patience and sincerity in everyday life. After praying together, all the invitations shook hands in rows and turns to apologize, which closes Halal Bi Halal’s event solemnly. (Ryan / Dedi)