Ready to be Accredited International, FEB Unila Welcomes the Arrival of ABEST21

Ready to be Accredited International, FEB Unila Welcomes the Arrival of ABEST21

FEB Unila | The University of Lampung’s Faculty of Economics and Business received a visit of 14 Peer Reviewer Team (PRT) from THE ALLIANCE ON BUSINESS EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP FOR TOMORROW, a 21st century organization (ABEST21), Thursday (22/08) at the Unila Postgraduate Building. ABEST21 is an international accreditation body based in Japan. The visitation carried out by ABEST21 PRT was a continuation after FEB Unila successfully passed three stages ranging from eligibility, quality improvement plan, and self evaluation report to get international accreditation.

“With the three stages that have been passed today, today is the faculty visit in the context of ABEST21 international accreditation, reviewers will review and interview and compare from what has been delivered including a presentation on the Faculty of Economics and Business Unila in Japan some time ago” explained the Dean of FEB Unila Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Sc.

Furthermore Prof. Satria Bangsawan explained that he hopes that in the era of globalization and industrial revolution 4.0 society 5.0 as it is now, FEB Unila can create alumni who are able to compete internationally that are rich in hard skills and soft skills, religious, have character and have English and IT skills so they can compete with college graduates who are abroad.

This activity took place from 22-23 August 2019, attended by the President of ABEST21 International Prof. Fumio Itoh from Japan and domestic workers from various countries such as Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia. These domestic workers interviewed Unila’s Chancellor and University leaders, Unila’s FEB leaders, lecturers and staff, as well as students and alumni from Fila Unila. In addition, they also conducted a review of the infrastructure of supporting facilities and infrastructure at FEB Unila.

“We hope that by visiting from the Peer Reviewer Team, God willing, it can produce 11 study programs at FEB Unila which are currently accredited A from BAN-PT and ISO 9001: 2015 will be internationally accredited so that it becomes a guarantee that this institution has quality international based. Furthermore, of course it will contribute to the University of Lampung which will certainly increase the ranking of the University of Lampung in the future, especially based on the assessment of the Ministry of Research and Technology “concluded Prof. Satria. (Suri/Jaya)