“Global Entrepreneur” the goal of FEB Unila Students

“Global Entrepreneur” the goal of FEB Unila Students

FEB Unila – Students of FEB Unila are expected to be the prospective entrepreneur who have good capability and global perspective of thinking. Those two things are two important things which are useful in the society, making them able to compete both at national and international level.

The Dean of FEB Unila, Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Si. delivered the message as he opened the entrepreneurial discussion event entitled “I’m a Job Maker” which is organized by the Economic Business Entrepreneur Club of FEB Unila. According to him, student who wants to be an entrepreneur should be able to produce products that could be marketed to the International market.

“What kind of customer need and want? Should be noted in mind” said the Dean reminded the important basic questions in preparing the international standardized products. “We have to find out in detail what products criteria are favored by the International Community, for example in Japan, Europe, or United States of America” added Mr. Satria.

The Professor of the Entrepreneurship also explains that in general there are some quality standards that must be met if the students want to step into the global market. For example, if the product of coffee or banana is going to be sold, then the product should meet the standardized criteria. According to him, the scientific ability of the students can produce certain products and services that meet the International Standard Quality.

In supporting the students’ entrepreneurship, the faculty will cooperate with some corporations to help improving the quality of the products produced. He pointed out, for processing the excellent and hygienic products; the students could cooperate well with the The Department of the Animal Products Technology (THP).

It will also seek the provision of loan capital assistance during the business, in cooperation with alumni, state-owned enterprises, or state and private agencies. Other support is realized in the construction of a two-storey and fully-equipped entrepreneurial building. This building will be used as the center of student business incubator development.

The event which took place yesterday, Tuesday (28/11) was attended by about 50 participants of FEB students. In English Area of FEB Unila, there were also Dr. Ambya, S.E, M.Si as Vice Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs, Dharmaputra, S.H. as Head of Subdivision of Student Affairs, and Indah Safitri as the Chairman of EBEC.
Indah (EP / 2015) explains that this discussion is a series of the second event of the Movement of 150 Entrepreneurship of FEB Unila. “Previously it has started with Entrepreneurship School event held on 25 November then and there will be Industrial Visits on January 1, 2108” she added.

EBEC’s flagship program selects 150 people for entrepreneurship. Participants consist of general community and EBEC test track for FEB students. “They will compete to make business plan, the prize is 10 food court places in FEB entrepreneurial building” said Indah explained. It is expected that this experience can make them a successful entrepreneur and able to create jobs for many people. (Dedi/Lidya)