FEB Unila Holds “International Short Course”

FEB Unila Holds “International Short Course”

FEB Unila | The Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Lampung received a visit of 14 participants consisting of 1 lecturer and 13 students in the framework of the International Short Course which took place from March 3-10 2019 from Sipec Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan. In this activity, the participants will take part in lectures with various material such as Globalization in Asia, Indonesian Politics, Lampung Culture, Economic and Business Trends in Indonesia, and visit KPU Lampung and companies like PT. Bukit Asam Tbk. and PT. Nestle Long Factory.

In the opening ceremony, the Dean of FEB Unila Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Sc. congratulate the Unila Faculty of Economics and Business and introduce the FEB Unila profile to the participants. Also present were the Vice Chancellor of the University of Lampung for General and Financial Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Kamal, M.Sc. who gave a speech while officially opening the International Short course activities. In his remarks, Prof. Kamal said that there were 3 advantages that could be obtained by these international participants “first, participants could exchange knowledge between Sipec AGU Japan students and Unila students. Second, it can also be used as a means to foster and improve good relations between Unila and AGU. Third, with this activity, of course, can increase the ability of participants from both universities. ” Furthermore, Prof. Kamal hopes that students from Japan can get experience on how students at Lampung University learn and about Lampung culture and can introduce it when they return to Japan.

After the opening, on the first day the Short Course participants attended lectures from Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Kamal, M.Sc. about “Introduction to Unila, Lampung, Indonesia, Culture, Business and Industry”. After that, the participants took part in the activity themed “Lampung Culture Interaction and Practicing Local Traditional Culture”. In the event, 14 participants from SIPEC AGU Japan witnessed the performance of the sigeh penguten dance with accompaniment of talo balak music from FKIP Lampung University. They were very enthusiastic to witness the performance, plus they were invited to directly practice sigeh penguten dance movements by being trained by dancers. Besides that they are also taught to play accompaniment instruments such as the kulintang and gong and they also have the opportunity to use the crown of the typical Lampung “siger”.

The second day, the International Short Course held by FEB University of Lampung and Sipec Agu Japan began with a lecture on Indonesian politics which presented Dr. Ari Damastuti, M.A. as speaker. Not only did they take part in the indoor activities, the participants also visited the General Election Commission (KPU) to find out what the mechanism for conducting general elections in Indonesia was because Indonesia was a country that was considered successful in organizing a democratic party. They were also shown ballots for the president and legislative elections, as well as other election props. The third day was closed with a lecture on the theme of Globalization in Asia delivered by Arif Darmawan, S.E., M.Sc. FEB academics Unila.

The next day the International Short Course visits industry. The participants were taken to visit PT. Bukit Asam and PT. Netsle Factory-Panjang. On the first visit of PT. Bukit Asam, the participants were welcomed by PTBA’s General Manager and introduced to this company. Then the participants were invited to tour the PTBA area using the bus to see the coal processing, starting from the arrival of coal from upstream using the train, then the process of selecting coal according to quality, to the process of distributing and shipping coal using ships.

Then the visit to the second place of the participants was received by the Plant Manager of PT. Netsle Factory-Panjang Ekfan Susanto, who is an alumni of the FEB Management Masters Unila. Here the participants were introduced to PT. Netsle and its products. After introducing Netsle and then the participants were invited to tour the factory, before the participants were given standard factory clothes to maintain sterilization of the areas visited. The first location of the participants was brought to the place of quality control where the place maintained the quality of the products of PT. Netsle, then the production area and packaging area for each product.

At the end of this activity a culture exchange session was held, a session where participants introduced each other’s cultures from their respective regions. Among them are introducing Japanese Yukata clothing, origami handicrafts, Japanese specialties and more. (Suri)