FEB Unila Cooperates with “TOP High School” to Recruit International Class Students.

FEB Unila Cooperates with “TOP High School” to Recruit International Class Students.

FEB Unila | The University of Lampung’s Faculty of Economics and Business invited several high school heads in Lampung Province to collaborate in the opening of the International Class. Cooperation related to the acceptance of prospective international class new students in the Department of Management with the concentration of Marketing and Finance for the academic year 2019/2020. The collaboration was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which was held on Thursday (02/14) at the Faculty of Economics and Business, FEB Dean Unila.

The activity was attended by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Lampung in Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Bujang Rahman, M.Sc., Dean of FEB Unila Prof. Dr. Hi. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Sc., Deputy Dean of Academic and Collaboration Dr. Mahrinasari MS, M.Sc., Chair and Secretary of the Department of Management, as well as School Principals and representatives of SMA / SMK in Lampung province including: SMAN 2 B.Lampung, SMAN 9 B.Lampung, SMAN 1 B.Lampung, SMAN 10 B , Lampung, SMAN 5 B.Lampung, YP Unila High School, Madani Global High School, Xaverius B.Lampung High School, Fransiskus B.Lampung High School, B.Lampung TMI High School, B.Lampung Ar-Raihan High School, and Pringsewu 1 Public High School.

In his remarks the Dean of FEB Unila conveyed several things, including the aim of being held by international classes. Prof. Satria explained that this international class aims to produce graduates who are internationally competitive, which later alumni from international classes can work and create jobs that are of international standard.

“This international class began in 2012, because we want our alumni to be able to compete internationally and not lose to other countries,” he said to the School Principals present. “In the lecture process this class is based on English, and the curriculum is also adapted to international,” he added.

Then this Marketing Science Professor said that the alumni produced are not only as job seekers but also as job makers, that is creating jobs. So that based on internationalization, products from Lampung can compete with products from other countries.

This year the International Class provides a quota of 20 people with a concentration in Marketing Management and Financial Management. In the recruitment process using a special route that was opened in July-August, by looking at report book or academic score, the TOEFL score and written tests and interviews. (Jaya / Yandi/Ning)