FEB Unila-BI Supervision Agency Discusses Lampung Economic Development

FEB Unila-BI Supervision Agency Discusses Lampung Economic Development

FEB Unila | The role of Representative Office of Bank Indonesia (BI) is very important in the development of regional economy. Economic excitement in the region is partly due to the role of BI in working with local stakeholders in the region to boost economic growth.

The exposure became a common thread in Seminar “The Role of Governance of Bank Indonesia Representative Offices in Economic Development in the Region” which took place on Monday (23/3) yesterday in FEB Unila Hall. Seminar moderated by Dr. Nairobi, M.Sc. is a collaboration between Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Unila with Supervision Board of Bank Indonesia (BSBI).

Head of Representative Office of Bank Indonesia Lampung Province, Budiharto Setyawan, who became keynote speaker explained that BSBI is a duty from the House of Representatives through the commission XI. BSBI plays a role in supervising BI as a monetary and fiscal determinant institution, aiming for optimal performance of the institution.

Furthermore, the man that was newly inaugurated 4 months ago conveys the role of BI in development in the region. Among other things, BI issued SIAPIK applications to assist micro and medium enterprises in financial administration.

In Lampung, BI forms clusters of business for economic improvement. BI also established a Regional Investment Forum (FOILA). “The objective is to provide information on potential areas, so that investment can increase” he explained.

BI also provides “New Generation Indonesia” scholarships for students, including Unila. In this green campus BI has also provided access to information BI Corner located in the Library Unila.

The next speaker is Nur Chayati, S.H. highlighting the need for additional business clusters by BI. This Commission XI member of the House of Representatives considers that the cluster is very useful, so it is expected to be minimal in every regency / city of Lampung Province.

Another member of Commission XI, Junaedy Auly, revealed the high poverty rate of Lampung Province and most districts / municipalities above the national average (10.22%). Likewise with the Human Development Index (HDI) which averaged under the national HDI (70.81%). He hopes BI and the Government more synergize for development in Lampung.

Regarding BSBI, alumni of MM S2 FEB Unila Program reveals the opportunity of Unila academics to become its member. “Hopefully later academics from FEB Unila can appear to be a member of BSBI ” he said.

Meanwhile, the speaker Prof. Hikmahanto Juwana as a member of BSBI explained about the role of BSBI as a partner of DPR. BSBI supervises BI in terms of budget, investment, and compliance with the rules.

On other materials, lecturer FEB Unila Dr. Yoke Moelgini M.Sc stressed the need for BI to also sharpen the function of representative offices in accordance with the role and governance of BI in monetary affairs. He also assessed the role of BI in the provision of access statistical data development is very helpful and necessary for the progress of the nation.

The event was officially opened by the Dean of FEB Unila, Prof. Satria Bangsawan was also attended by all members of BSBI when numbering 5 people. Besides Prof. Hikmahanto, they are M. Fadhil Hasan (Economist of Indef), Muhammad Edhie Purnawan (FEB UGM), Prof. Chandra Fajri Ananda (FEB Universitas Brawijaya), and Prof. Ir. A. Tony Prasetiantono (GM Economics Postgraduate).

In his speech to 300 students, the Dean reminded that the fourth generation industrial revolution or 4.0 industrial revolution required the preparation of students to compete internationally and be able to move quickly in the digital age. “We must prepare to change our attitudes by trying to compete internationally”.

Therefore, the campus helps students to hone their hard skills and Soft Skill, such as through national / international seminars, knowledge from qualified lecturers and practitioners. Habits on campus with 3S (smile, greeting, greeting), religious behavior must be done, which makes the students keep the character of Indonesia in competing globally.

Also enliven the event, in the closing session held door prize and quiz directly or online through medsos instagram. The result, elected a dozen participants who received a gift flasdisk or powebank from the committee. (dedi/Ning)