FEB Unila and IZI Lampung Launch “Kampung Wisata Edukasi”

FEB Unila and IZI Lampung Launch “Kampung Wisata Edukasi”

FEB Unila and IZI Lampung Launch Kampung Wisata EdukasFEB Unila | Faculty of Economics and Business Unila join Zakat Indonesia Initiative Branch Lampung oust Kelurahan Gunung Sulah Bandar Lampung into Kampung Wisata UMKM Education. The launch that was inaugurated by Plt. Mayor of Bandar Lampung Yusuf Kohar, located at Jalan Sasonoloyo I, Gunung Sulah, Way Halim Bandar Lampung Wednesday (09/05).

Dean of FEB Unila, Satria Bangsawan said to make the village Gunungsulah as a tourist village because in that area there are a number of SMEs in the field of tofu and tempeh are cultivated by surrounding communities. According to him, FEB Unila as one of the universities that run Tri Dharma in conducting research and community service, has the responsibility of giving a touch for UMKM to grow well.

He said, in giving a touch of MSMEs, it involves a number of students and lecturers to provide assistance to the business community is growing. Satria exemplifies the mentoring of accounting student program students, namely to guide the community in making good financial bookkeeping. Furthermore, student management helps guide the making of effective and efficient products to suit the market taste. “Our students are helping and guiding the community to make the products that are favored by the market. Such as packaging, building image, to market the products must be in ways that are effective and efficient, “he told lampost.co, Wednesday (9/5/2018).

Head of IZI Lampung branch, Agus Irawan said this launch is one of the real proof of IZI as an amil zakat institution to continuously distribute zakat for the community. In addition, IZI besama FEB also established an Independence Incubator Center in which there is sewing training, community self-store, educational tour and community edu-creations.

The event was attended by Plt. Mayor of Bandar Lampung, Dean and Vice Dean of FEB Unila, Lurah Gunung Sulah, Representative of Tourism Office, Community Leader, Religious figure, Lecturers and students and surrounding community. As for the assistance provided to the community of Kampung Wisata this sulah mountain education that is, sewing machines, LCD projectors and funding assistance for independent business in the field of soybean fermentation industry such as tofu, tempe and oncom. (Yandi/Lidya)