FEB Together with Indonesian Journal Volunteers Hold Journal Literacy Workshop

FEB Together with Indonesian Journal Volunteers Hold Journal Literacy Workshop

FEB Unila | In order to improve the quality of the journal of the Faculty of Economics and Business Unila holds a Journal Literacy Workshop, Thursday (12/03) in the Smartroom of the Postgraduate Building of FEB Unila. This activity was held together with Indonesian Journal Volunteers with the theme “International Indexation and National Journal Accreditation”, followed by as many as 90 journal managers in the university and university environment in Lampung.

In her remarks the Vice Dean for Academic and Collaboration at FEB Unila, Dr. Ernie Hendrawati said that hopefully this workshop could improve the quality of journal management. “It is hoped that the management team will get formulas and strategies in managing journals / OJS so that they can be accredited and indexed internationally” he said.

Furthermore, Dr. Ernie said that the workshop presented speakers from Indonesian Journal Volunteers, namely Prof. Nety Yuliana, Ph.D, Zulidyana D. Ruslanasari, M.Hum, Dwi Fajar Saputra, S.Sos., M.M and Sofwan Adiputra, M.Pd. who are competent in managing the journal.

Meanwhile Zulidyana D. Ruslanasari, M.Hum as Indonesian Journal Volunteer in her speech explained, RJI is a voluntary movement that voluntarily contributes thoughts and energy related to the management of electronic journals to other journal managers in universities, research bodies and others throughout Indonesia without differentiate and without compartmentalizing.

Then RJI facilitated journal management. First, journals that were not yet online were assisted so that they could immediately be transformed into journals that were managed online or already had an e-journal portal. Starting from the installation process, migration, to upgrading the Open Journal System (OJS). The Indonesian Journal of Volunteers (RJI) prepared the human resources needed for the journal to be online.

Second, Indonesian Journal Volunteers (RJI) began to assist journal managers to apply the journal management process electronically using the Open Journal System (OJS) platform. Starting from how online submission, online review, online editorial work, online publishing and journal indexation.

Third, Indonesian Journal Volunteers (RJI) provide assistance to journals in Indonesia who will apply for accreditation, so that journal managers are ready to submit their journals for the Journal accreditation process. This accreditation preparation starts from how to register the journal in ARJUNA, fill in the form, and prepare the electronic journal accreditation requirements. (Sella/Yandi).