FEB Delivers First Doctor to Unila

FEB Delivers First Doctor to Unila

FEB Unila | The University of Lampung’s Faculty of Economics and Business held an Open Doctoral Examination, Doctoral Program in Economics, Wednesday (09/09) in the auditorium of the Unila Postgraduate FEB building. On this occasion Zaidirina was a doctoral student in economics with a concentration in Accounting and was a non-Independent Commissioner of Bank Lampung. He officially holds a doctorate after being declared graduated with honors by the rector of Lampung university.

The doctoral open examination was led by the Chancellor of UNILA, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hasriadi Mat Akin, M.P. as the head of the examining team and the examining team Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Sc. , Prof. Dr. Mahatma Kufepaksi and Supriyadi, M.Sc., Ph.D., C.M.A. as an external examiner from UGM, and promoter Prof. Dr. Lindrianasari, S.E., M.Sc. Akt and co-promoter 1 Dr. Ayi Ahadiat and co-promoter 2 Dr. Ernie Hendrawaty. The dissertation entitled, “The Role of Good Corporate Governance in Controlling Agency Problems in Regional Development Banks in Indonesia” made Zaidirina the first doctoral winner at the University of Lampung.

Unila Rector Prof. Hasriadi Mat Akin said, this was a great work that had been produced. Where is Dr. Zaidirina was the first doctorate produced by Unila. “Therefore, I want you to be able to contribute your thoughts in the development of homeland and nation, in accordance with the motto Unila Work and Innovate,” he said after announcing the results of the exam.

Meanwhile Unila’s FEB Dean Prof. Satria Bangsawan said that today FEB Unila had given birth to a doctorate, Dr. Zaidirina after successfully presenting and defending her dissertation. “And this is not only the first at FEB, but also the first at Unila for the Doctoral program. Surely this will provide their own motivation for other S3 students to follow the success of Dr. Zaidirina, “he said.

Then, with the research that has been done and the resulting dissertation, he hopes to contribute to the development of science, methodology, and most importantly from a practical perspective. “Because of the theme taken, which is an effort to improve the performance of regional banks, it is hoped that through this research, regional banks will be able to compete in the national and international ranks, which will also contribute to development, not only in Lampung but also in Indonesia,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zaidirina who had just held a doctorate explained her dissertation. According to him, good corporate governance is very important. This can minimize deviations that might occur. “So, therefore, we must implement it in BPD throughout Indonesia. And earlier there were also recommendations for additional components of the assessment of good governance, it became more fit for BPD which has the characteristics as an agent of regional development, “he explained. (Suri/Yandi)