Faculty of Economics and Business Welcome The New Member of Family

Faculty of Economics and Business Welcome The New Member of Family

FEB Unila | The Campus Life Recognition Program for the new students (PPKKMB) has been held in every faculty at the University of Lampung, including the Faculty of Economics and Business. On Thursday morning (16/08), around 475 new students of the Faculty of Economics and Business were welcomed by the Dean and leaders and also lecturers and staffs in the hallway of the Faculty of Economics and Business. The new students appeared to form a long line walking into the hallway of the Faculty of Economics and Business. They were welcomed and greeted by the entire academic community of FEB Unila.

Then, the new students were directed to the Students Center building to attend the opening of the PPKKMB Activities at the faculty level. The theme of PPKKMB this time was “Through the introduction of the Campus Life for New Students, Let’s Create the Professional, Characterized, Religious, Independent, and Competitive Generation in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0”. It was inaugurated by the Dean of FEB Unila by beating The Gond and embedding the ID Card for the new students.

The material presented at the PPKKMB were firstly delivered by the Dean of FEB Unila regarding the Industrial Revolution 4.0. At that time, Prof. Satria conveyed in how the current development has become the digital era where everything is based on technology. He advised the new students to be able to follow and compensate for the conditions nowadays in undergoing the lectures so, after graduation they can be creative people. Likewise, what has been implemented in FEB, he said that for new students in the 2018 class, they will implement a fingerprint-based attendance system.

The second material was delivered by the Vice Dean of the Students and Alumni Affairs. The material was about the code of ethics of students, the Dangers of Intolerance, Radicalism, Terrorism, and Plagiarism. It was delivered around 30 minutes by the 3rd Vice Dean of FEB yet the students were still enthusiastic in paying attention to every material presented. After that, the students continued the activity to the Department and their respective study programs to attend the material at the department and study program level.

In the afternoon, the Dean and the leaders also with the all participants (new students) performed Zuhr Prayer together in the field of FEB Unila. In this occasion, the Dean led the prayer solemnly. Afterward, the participants had lunch together that began with the first feed from the Dean for the new student. (Lidya/Yandi)