Dean of FEB Unila Opens IAI Member Meeting in Lampung Region

Dean of FEB Unila Opens IAI Member Meeting in Lampung Region

FEB Unila | Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Lampung Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Sc opened the Meeting of the Association of Indonesian Accountants Association (IAI) Lampung Region, Wednesday (31/07) at the Auditorium of the FEB Postgraduate Program in Unila. The meeting was scheduled to elect the chairman of the Lampung Region IAI for the 2019-2024 period, then continued with a seminar on Advanced Professional Education (PPL) which raised the theme “BUMDES Governance, Administration and Finance” with resource persons Rudy Suryanto, SE, M.Acc., Ak Master BUMDES Indonesia and Founder of

The event was attended by the Dean of FEB Unila, Chairman of the Lampung Region IAI for the period 2014-2019 Dr. Nurdiono, SE., MM., Ak., CA., CPA., CSRS, Deputy Regent of Pringsewu Dr. Fauzi, S.E who is a member of the government accountant compartment. The Head of the Finance and Development Audit Agency (BPKP) of Lampung Province Kisyadi S.E., M.Sc and the board members and members of the IAI Lampung Region who came from academics and practitioners of accountants in BPKP, BPK, KAP and KJA.

In his remarks the Dean of FEB Unila, Prof. Satria Bangsawan conveyed that hopefully the IAI of the Lampung Region can contribute even further than what is already good to the development of the Lampung Province, especially in the villages. And can collaborate with FEB Unila in carrying out joint programs. “Practitioners and academics must work together in growing the economy, where currently the BUMDes are starting to develop throughout the remote areas. Now is the time for practitioners and academics to return to the village and build villages, “he said.

After it was officially opened by the Dean of FEB Unila, the Lampung IAI Member Meeting began around 09.30 WIB. The session with the agenda for the chairperson election for the 2019-2024 period was led by the Head of the BPKP Lampung representative Kisyadi S.E., M.Sc., who was mandated by the forum to become the chair of the session. The trial was attended by 120 members of the Lampung IAI Region who have voting rights.

Dr. Nurdiono, SE., MM., Ak., CA., CPA. The CSRS was unanimously re-established as the chairman of the Lampung Region IAI for the period 2019-2024. Previously it had been offered by the head of the congregation for those who wished to nominate themselves and nominate other members. Dr. Fauzi, S.E had been proposed by the members to be chairman but, after being asked for his availability, the Deputy Regent of Pringsewu stated that he was unwilling. Only Dr. Nurdiono, who was willing to run for office and was approved by all participants of the session. In acclamation Dr. Nurdiono who is an academician from FEB Unila was successfully appointed as Chairman of the Lampung Region IAI for the period 2019-2024.

In his speech, the Chairperson of the elected IAI expressed his deepest gratitude for the trust given to re-lead the Lampung Region IAI in the second period. He stated that in the future, IAI will further advance the Lampung Region with programs that have been prepared and also stated to hold students, especially Accounting Students, to explore their potentials, thoughts and contributions for progress, especially in the economic field in Lampung province. As well as achieving the vision of IAI namely, becoming a leading professional organization in the development of knowledge and practice of accounting, business and public management, oriented to ethics and social responsibility, and the environment in a national and international perspective. (Suri/Yandi)