Call for Papers and National Seminar of FEB Unila 2018 has been Successfully Held

Call for Papers and National Seminar of FEB Unila 2018 has been Successfully Held

Bandar Lampung | The Faculty of Economics and Bisnis of the University of Lampung has successfully held the event “Call for Papers and National Seminar 2018” at the Ballroom of Hotel Horison Lampung on Thursday (15/11). The theme for this event is “The Community Service through the Dissemination of The result of the applied research”. During the event, there were two keynote speakers namely Dr. Neal Waddell from the University of Queensland and Prof. Okid Paranama Astirin as the Reviewer of the Community Service from DIKTI.

During the opening ceremony, there were the Rector of the University of Lampung, Prof. Dr. Hasriadi Mat Akin, M.P., the Vice Rector of the General and Financial Affairs, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kamal, M.Sc., The Vice Rector of the Students Affairs and the Alumni, Prof. Dr. Karomani, M.Si., The Dean of FEB Unila Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E., M.Si, along with the committee and the participants of the National Seminar coming from several Universities in Indonesia, also there was the Dean of the Faculty of Economics of BKS PTN Barat.

Mentioned in his welcome speech, the Dean of FEB Unila said that during the national seminar, it was hoped that the academicians and the lecturers have the willingness to publish the result of the research and the community services so that the output that has been done so far could be measured. He also hoped that the activities like national seminar would trigger the spirit and the desire for the Doctor so that they could pursue the tittle Professor and also those who were graduated from post graduate degree could continue the education to be a Doctor.

Then, the Rector of the University of Lampung in his welcome speech, opened the event and expected that in the future all academicians and the lecturers that do the research and the service community could conduct a kind of collaboration in research with the partner from outside the University in Indonesia. It was hoped that there will be an innovation and it is the way of finding something fresh in the research. In the end of the speech, the Rector opened the event by hitting Gong accompanied by the Dean of FEB Unila as the sign that the event has been officially held.

In pannel discussion session, Prof. Okid delivered material entitled “The improvement of the potential/ capacity of the Human Resource for the better independent community” also she gave some tips in conducting community services. The second session was continued by Dr. Neal from the University of Queensland. He delivered the material about the process of writing articles in English. In this session, it is moderated by Asih Murwiati, S.E., M.Si who is an academician from FEB Unila.

The event of Call for Paper and the National Seminar 2018 was the second version while the first one was done in 2017. There were 67 articles and papers being presented in this event, both research and community services. It was followed by 50 participants from several universities in Indonesia.

At the end of the event, 2 articles were chosen to be the Best Papers in Call for Papers and National Seminar 2018. I Putu Gede Sukaatmadja from the Udayana University of Bali assigned as the best paper for the community service while Praba Djuhartin from the UPN Veteran Jakarta was assigned as the Best Paper in research. (Yandi/ulil)