Yudisium Reunited

Yudisium Reunited

FEB Unila | Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) University of Lampung holds Yudisium Candidate of Graduation period July 2018. The event which was held on Tuesday (24/07), in FEB Student Center Building is a routine agenda held every two months a day before graduation. The prospective graduates who are present accompanied by parents or family look solemn and happy to follow every series of events.

In his speech, the Dean of FEB Unila Prof. Dr. Satria Bangsawan, S.E. M.Si. convey, this yudisium activity aims to establish friendship between big family FEB Unila with big family of prospective graduates. During this time the parents have entrusted their children in FEB Unila, and congratulated the prospective graduates. Hopefully someday graduates can be a useful person in the community.

At once followed by the official handover of alumni FEB Unila to KAFE Unila (Family Alumni Faculty of Economics). The submission of an alumni book from the Dean of FEB Unila to the Chairman of KAFE Dr. Syahfirin Abdullah, S.E., M.Si as a sign that the prospective graduates have officially become members of KAFE Unila.

Member of DPRD Prov. Lampung as well as alumni FEB Unila Hamidi, S.E., M.M present provide motivation material (sharing session) to prospective graduates on this yudisium. Alumni of FEB batch 1984 is told how his experience first since he was sitting as a student, graduated and pioneered cooperatives that exist until now sitting into a member of parliament. He hopes that prospective graduates will be able to do more than what their predecessors have done.

This year’s judicial period graduated as many as 162 graduates consisting of 17 Masters Programs, 72 graduate programs and 73 Diploma Programs. The best graduate of Undergraduate Program this time is achieved by Umi Choirunnisa (Accounting ’14) GPA of 3.83 graduated with Cum Laude predicate. Graduate program is achieved by Tiara Juliana Jaya (MIE ’16) GPA of 3.73 graduated with Cum Laude and Diploma Program achieved by Elza Prestanti (Tax ’15) with Cum Laude predicate. (Yandi/Suri)